The Woodshop

The DIY Woodshop fills many needs. Our main focus is woodworking and supplying the community with large industrial woodworking equipment that most people do not have access to – either due to the cost or simply a lack of space. We also have a full line of standard woodworking machines, power tools and hand tools available for our members as well.

We offer several different levels of memberships or daily package rates, as well as extended hours and storage – which is compatible to full-time specialists, serious hobbyists or even the novice wanting to learn basics of woodworking. With The DIY Woodshop, you can:

  • Work on your own, enjoying the many benefits of our extensive 10,000+ square foot woodshop.
  • Let us teach and guide you step by step so you can build your own creation.
  • Have us custom build your project.


Woodshop Equipment & Tools

  • SawStop table saws
  • Wide belt sander*
  • Jointers
  • Planers
  • Shapers*
  • CNC machine* (coming soon)
  • Pocket hole machine
  • Clamping system
  • Panel saw*
  • Miter saws
  • Scroll saws
  • Edge sander
  • Routers
  • Mortiser
  • Lathes
  • Band saws
  • Drill presses
  • Small power tools
  • Hand tools
  • And much more!


*Certain machines only available with a Pro Membership in the pro area. Custom cuts/orders available for all others.

*Wide-Belt has to be operated by staff and is an up-charge by the hour (half hour minimum).

*A Membership Agreement (which includes a Liability Waiver and Safety & Qualification Form) MUST be completed before the shop can be used by anyone.


Services & Amenities

  • Lumber & supplies
  • Work benches
  • Storage/locker rental
  • One-on-one instruction

  • Custom orders
  • Cut-sheet orders
  • Deliveries
  • Fun & safe environment

Woodshop Safety

The DIY Woodshop values the safety of its staff and members, above all else, and we will take several measures to help prevent injuries.

The completion of a Membership Agreement (which includes a Liability Waiver and Safety & Qualification Form) is MANDATORY for everyone (including professionals), before accessing the shop and/or machinery, to ensure safety knowledge as well as the proper use of shop machinery and/or tools.

On-site Shop Pro personnel will supervise the shop floor and must be able to easily verify the membership level and authorization of use for the various machines. Shop Pro personnel will be available to aid members with questions on proper use and safety. Our shop has state of the art machinery, with the latest safety features, including SawStop brand table saws.